Second Thoughts/Jitters

3 Feb

Even though we were delayed, for whatever reason I’m now having the ‘And why would anybody read what I have to say?’ thought process – which happens ironically not when I get in front of people but whenever I hand a project in – I can handle you face to face or in a crowd, the thought of later freaks me out a bit.

Eh, I talked about the irony of not being scared of running into a burning building but scared of doing badly at it years ago with my friends, so assume I’m over it and I’m just being dumb. I’m not promising anyone perfection, and there’s no accounting for taste, but this isn’t like following a protocol or direct orders, so I’m in kind of  “Where’s the Manual?”

So yeah – as of tonight, I’m an author in the ‘Here’s a book I wrote” sense. And even though I don’t agree with vandalism and general tomfoolery with other authors, I was updating my reading on goodreads and I saw my author dashboard – and I had to take a picture on my phone:


I don’t know what happened – the actual page was normal – but I approve! (It is since back to normal – I will once again stress: I don’t condone vandalism, especially in regards to other writers who are precious and so are their books, but I’m calling that guy Kale from now on).

In other news – my publisher found a way for us to pre-purchase e-copies of books and sell a product to a person on the spot rather then the “I’ll download it when I get to a computer” scenario – here’s a shot of one of the copies I bought, put with a soon-to-be-phased-out-Canadian-Penny for your reference (of both size and, for future generations, pennies).


I’m pretty excited about the idea because they take up a lot less physical space then books and, while I have zero issue at say, Winnipeg’s Comic Con or whatever helping someone do an online purchase, it’s an actual physical product that I can sign, people can keep if they want or they can toss if they don’t. The idea came from downloading music, so if you’re looking for a way to sell your virtual product in person, check out http:/// I don’t know how many other of the Burst/Champagne authors took advantage of this deal (my sister, upon finding out about this, told me I should have bought double what I did. She has a degree in business, BTW.)

And if you’ve read this much so far, fellow author Cotton E. Davis interviewed me about a week and a bit ago. Check it out here.


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