23 May

Sorry for lack of update; it stopped raining on Tuesday and I’ve been making up for lost time during my staycation. I also discovered I have the only dog in the world who doesn’t like going for walks, but I think it’s me going too long for the little guy, so we’ll take it easy tomorrow.

 I think it went okay at Keycon – I didn’t sell very many Ebooks, but I had a bunch of people, when I talked about my books, who wanted it in print, so it’s a good sign (or maybe I’m just getting better at talking about it in person) but I made some good contacts, and everyone I met pretty much told me to get to When Words Collide, so I’m going – I have most of that weekend off, so I’ll make plans and figure something out. I’d like to go to Swords and Sabers, but I haven’t heard back from them regarding table prices, Ron doesn’t think he wants to go (he’s got sailing to do this summer, he normally launches the boat May Long but Keycon’s kinda wrecked that) but I might find other authors to go with – the event takes place the same day as the Manitoba Marathon, and I wanted to volunteer at the first aid booth, but we’ll see.

The three panels I was on and speaking at I think I did very well and held my own – one was a reading panel so I have no idea if I spoke too quick or picked a bad place to read from, but the ‘How do you…’ stuff I could answer pretty good. I’m pretty used to instructing and handling people, so then I had the fine balance of sitting on a panel with two other people, getting heard myself and not cutting other people off. Mythology/Folklore I think went better then Steampunk/Dieselpunk/Cyberpunk because I was representing Cyberpunk and, compared to the other two, I’m like the depressed pessimist – which might not be wholly inaccurate when I haven’t seen the sunshine in a few days, but, you know, the published novel is historical fantasy. (The Fun Stuff continues when I have people telling me they’re sick of traditional medieval style-fantasy and I’ve been having a hard time selling my stuff which runs away from that direction).

 Another Funny thing is that I had more genuine interest in Terran, the book I’ve been editing for over a year now, then Tower of Obsidian, but eeeh – I should really finish it, but I made the mistake of being character-driven, so it’s not as easy as my plot-driven stuff. I shouldn’t get in the habit of calling anything particularly easy, but less-hard. 

One of the writer guests of honor, Sephen Barnes, I met during the signing session and he was a real nice guy. He had confirmation that he got some funding for a project he’s working with, which I can’t find the link to, but might appear on his blog. It’s about zombies, so it sounds like fun. I should have mentioned filming in Winnipeg is dirt cheap, but, eeeh.


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