Daily Book Meme: Day 12

26 Aug

Day 12 – A book you used to love but don’t anymore

The Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs

I’m not saying I’ve read any of these titles since High School – and I’m not saying education ruined me, either  – all my ratings on goodreads are based on nostalgic memory. I’m scared that if I read these books, it’ll ruin my memories of enjoying them so much. I devoured these when I was in grade 2-4; and reread the all again when I was in Junior High. If you’re ever curious why I like sword & sorcery, space operas, or perhaps why I think most love stories are kind of predictable, it’s because these dimestore-copies were my big influencer. And I know some of Burroughs books had more depth to them (I am a Barbarian) and I think the cultural legacy is great – but I don’t want that feeling to go away – it’s kind of like seeing a cartoon as an adult when you haven’t seen it in years. You remember it as being great, and you hate the animation mistakes, the logical flaws… you know.


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