Daily Book Meme – Day 15

30 Aug

Day 15 – Favorite male character

I don’t love characters the way I used to – now I’m in a “Hmm… that’s interesting…” If I were to answer this as from my own work, it would probably be either Koth or Sedolei – very different characters. (They are from different unpublished works too). But I might as well go after a character someone would know.

Disclaimer: I’m sure I’ll think of a different character I like better like, a week from now.

Reepicheep from Voyage of the Dawn Treader: When I was a kid, I didn’t like Prince Caspian much, but Reepicheep made it entertaining. Now as an adult with movies, Reepicheep made the movie, and he wasn’t enough to save the VotDT Movie (Hated it, and I still have the biggest sort-of-crush on Ben Barnes, who, by the way, looked way too old to play Caspian).  I suppose this is a result of my love of cartoons with those “Let me at ’em!” Scrappy-Doo characters everyone else loathes. I guess I just adore the courage in something so small and borderline ineffectual. I picked him, because at the end of the day, if I ever had to go on an adventure with a fictional character, I wouldn’t pick someone suped-up on powers or super-wise. Nope – a swashbuckling Mouse with a deathwish. It’ll make for a better story if we survived…


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