When Words Collide Change of Plans

9 Aug

R.J. Hore has had to bow out of WWC for health issues – so I’m gonna do my best to fill in for him. These are the panels I’m due for:

Saturday Noon: “Trilogy, Series or Serial”

Saturday 3pm “Plotting, for Pantsters”

Sunday 10am “Alternate History and Story”

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because I’m blogging on my phone. My laptop keyboard stopped working on Sunday night – so I’m improvizing, have all my writing on a flash drive and making minor editorial changes by this wonderful phone – I know, of all the times for me to have technical difficulties; I am working a ton last week and this week so my mom is looking up warranty as this was a costco purchase (hardware malfunction, yo) but I technically won’t have time to look for new computers until after not just Calgary, but the following week end I’m in Moosejaw visiting a friend.

So if you happen to be at WWC and want to say hi, at the very least I’ll be there.


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