2 Oct


Okay – so I like daily challenges, and this looks like fun – even if it’s meant for twitter and I’m not sure what #6 is asking me to do, but I have the better part of a week to figure it out. Post if you’re doing this or something like it, it’ll be fun.


Introduce your WIP!

I’m currently just shy of 90k of the sequel to the book I sold last year to Champagne. This is probably not the final title, but Merciful Knife follows about a month after Witchslayer’s Scion ends. No spoilers; it’s a swashbuckling sword and sorcery adventure, and it’s a lot of fun because I’m not spending a lot of time reintroducing ideas so lots of action and banter thus far.  I’m also pulling a GRRM and currently have things written in that word count I know aren’t going to make the book, possibly going into something else (novella? Short?) but fleshing out what I know has to happen in the timeline. If we’re to count how far I am in the “caught up” (bridging between scenes) It’s about 62k for the sequences I’ve patched together. I’m hoping that I get this title shorter then others in the series, WS is about 130k and the main series, book 1 is about 160k. Daunting for any other genre but fantasy, right?


The goal is to get enough of a working draft that I can do a nano in November that I can swap without concern, and then have a buffer between projects.


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