Oct WIP Day 2

3 Oct

Tell us about YOU!

I mostly write science fiction and fantasy, having fallen in love with adventure stories from a young age. I can’t remember when I started writing, but I do know I finished my first “novel” the summer I was fourteen. It was terrible but meh, I wouldn’t call myself a natural by any stretch but I kept at it. I finished my first series by the time I graduated high school, knew being creative wasn’t enough, and wouldn’t say I have a writing schedule but I’m the sort of person if I don’t set a deadline I will keep tweaking something for a long time. I have two novels under contract with Champagne books at this time, my best guess is 2018 for both.

I’ve been a Manitoba paramedic for the last five years, three of which with Southern Health. I got my paramedic license the same week I got the contract for Tower of Obsidian, which was my first novel under contract. I’ve sold shorts to various anthologies and try to read a good variety of everything.


Me on Goodreads

Tower of Obsidian at Amazon

Champagne Books


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