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Writing Round up 2019

2 Dec

NaNo’s pretty much over for another year – didn’t pass, and I cheated like mad; working on last year’s project as well as a short story as well as a new project.
The Short: Had an idea months ago; haven’t had time to work on it beyond a few scenes. Taking a break from the other two projects was just what this writer needed, it’s too long and a little tone deaf at times, but R.J. Hore is betaing it as we speak. I have another short I’d like to finish by year end, for an anthology, so goal setting, yay.
Chimera: I’m literally getting ready to write a segment for the prospective sequel as I want to dive into world building. At 76k, thought this one would hit the 80k range, now I’m thinking closer to 85. The final act is giving me grief and it might be I need to scrap the ending. I think if I chill out and watch some science fiction, my brain will do what it needs to do.
Rogue Healer 3: I hit some key scenes and wrote the ending, so I have a guidelines as to where I’m going, though it’s likely going to change as I get closer to the final stage of the draft. It’s sitting at 28K, which if the other two books are any indication, means I just need to add another 100k.

In other writing related news, I’ve unofficially signed a Novella to Champagne. Dreams of Mariposa will be out sooner than I expected, but there’s no official go date.
So besides moving, this year has been rather unremarkable. I took way too long editing Magus’ Gambit, but since I moved I have been playing around a lot more, brought out my watercolors and though I didn’t get around to it last few days off, I really want to play with my oils. Doing on call in the evening on my days off has kept me making passive income and an excuse to stay home and do projects. My drawing really sucked while I was injured, but I’ve been sketching and doodling, finally getting back into inking maps. I have a ton to do before month’s end, I’ll check my year’s resolutions on the blog before citing what I want to accomplish.

December though, expect to see something from me via ebooks, or at least a short or two. In the spring made a short ebook of some shorts, there’s no reason to not put them out there. Covers, though, expect some plalin ones now that NaNo’s done for the year.