NaNo 2020: Another Fail… or was it?

2 Dec

So to say it’s been busy at work has been an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, most nights aren’t that bad but let’s just say that I spent my first day off sleeping. That still left me with 2 days to do just under 20k, but all in all I looked at what I have done and the revision I need to do, so as of right now, I definitely lost the 50k challenge…

…but I have the previous two projects I did in 2018 and 2019 to edit respectively, and more than a decent start for the other WIP. That is to say nothing of the project I’ve been keeping under wraps that I want to revise.

I gave myself a list of work to get done before the end of the year back in September. Let’s just say that it’s looking realistic right now. Not 50k on Rogue Healer 4 or anything like that, but if I plod along revising Titan’s Ascent and rewriting the aforementioned mystery title, so long as the region doesn’t fall apart I’d like to take my usual holidays in January and given no one is going anywhere, butt in chair working doesn’t sound too far off.

The big complaint I have about this year is that I haven’t done as much drawing or painting as I ought to have. I think a big part of it is feeling a little creatively tapped, I seem to be much more editorial brain than creative brain, but my inking is better and I don’t think I’m any worse off.

As for the reading challenge: I’m going to keep it simple. A small press or Manitoban author every month. I started The Eye of the World only because I needed a new audiobook for driving to work, but the goal right now is also to get through as much of that ‘to-read’ pile on goodreads as I possibly can. I always seem to add more when I’m done, so wish me luck.


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