Review Tour for The Mermaid and the Unicorns, and I am sick

16 Mar

Aimed at readers 10-12, if you or another blogger is interested in the review-only tour, please go sign up. Not nearly as many stops as for Witchslayer’s Scion; yes they will be running at the same time, and I’ll be posting the ebook for free during that time. Book is 220 pages, so it’s not a huge time commitment.

I don’t know if Witchslayer’s Scion will qualify for a review tour as it’s about 135k, whereas this one is less than half. 100k used to run about 400 pages, but that depends on formatting, font size, etc. If you’re looking for an online book tour group, I tried several for Tower of Obsidian and I liked Goddess Fish the best.

Also, Garnet and Silver is pretty much ready for me to hit the ‘approve my book’ button. Imma wait just a little bit.

On Monday, I was informed that someone I was in contact with tested positive for COVID. I tested, and at the time was asymptomatic, let work know. Developed symptoms within a few hours, though I’m already feeling better. I seem to be exactly four days behind the person who likely gave it to me in symptoms, so if this keeps going the way it affected her I am laughing and should be recovered soon. As of right now, Center Caboto Comic Con is still a go so long as I’m not sick. I’ll have a back up plan in case I can’t go so Ron’s not sitting there by himself.


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