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Kicking it Oldschool/ Squirrel of DOOM

6 Jan

So I stumble across free games from time to time – I found Heroine’s Quest through The Mary Sue. Let’s just say I suck at Adventure Games, but I can kind of wander through this one okay. If I can get through it, that means anyone who likes adventure/pick up items games will be fine. I love the norse mythos base and the color scheme is beautiful  – so if you happen to be in the same deep freeze as the rest of most of North America, not a bad little freebie to play with while you avoid the outdoors. As for us – well, Manitoba is always like this at this time of year, so we’re not suffering. Evidently we’re whining on Facebook, but everyone kind of expects -40 something weather.

Now, on a personal note, I will add that in pretty much any game, I usually go with the warrior skillset. This is not so much because I find numbers scary, but because I’m cheap. I’ll have 97 Ethers and won’t touch them because it’s cheaper to use a tent next round and why can’t I reuse a tent, since when is camping cheaper then staying in a hotel? (None of which makes sense in game land, but that’s how I think) so my mages usually play medic/support while I beat the snot out of things. So in this game – my reaction is, “Hey – why don’t we switch things up?” then it tells me point-blank warrior is the easy class to play, and as I kind of suck with these titles, I opted for my try-and-true strategy. (Seriously – Abe’s Oddysey, it’s a two player game – my sister to figure out the puzzles, me to pull off the technique).

To be fair though – I haven’t been a gamer really since I graduated High School. I’ll play a title here and there and goof around probably more than I should, but I really don’t know what to say is that it reminds me of the Perils of Rosella game I tried to play like twenty years ago (?) only I can totally smack monsters around, which if that was all the game was, I’d be happy. And yes, there is a Squirrel of Doom. Best part of the game. I know some people would probably want me commenting on why it’s called Heroine Quest and the importance of female role models and all that, but eeeh. Maybe I’ll get around to that rant one of these days.