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Wheel of Time (Not the Show), Writing

24 Nov

My mental health’s taken a heavy hit for the past few months. I think if you’re paying attention to what’s going on in the world, it’s hard not to feel something ain’t right. I wish there was more I can do. I’ve been on the front lines and I don’t feel like a hero so much as someone watching The Enemy slowly advance on the gate, and no one wants to hear about it. I’m a Christian, and I know that God has us. What’s frustrating is that people are so divided, and seeing what I have for the past year I’m not sure how much proof will be enough.

This was the first week when I got back into editing or writing since my break at the end of August. I managed to get most of what I think I want in Titan’s Ascent that’s staying, but there’s a scene I may yet pull that would go into the next book. I think I like it in book 3. Book 4 will be following very different characters (focusing on Una and Sajera in the east/north as opposed to the issues in the South) but right now I think I’m going to take a brief break from Titan’s Ascent and finish the two shorts/novellas and fire of TA to Cassie for the end of the year. No, I haven’t heard back about Magus’ Gambit, or know when I’m getting my copies of Dreams of Mariposa. I’m also going to stop putting off self-pubbing Garnet and Silver. I’m trying to get a graphic off an old laptop, but odds are I’ll give up after another week or so and just move forward.

It’s weird, I thought about Garnet and Silver when I found out I was going to be an aunt; but didn’t have the time to write it for a few years. I finished it before Scarlet was three and now she’s going to be fourteen. The plan right now is to keep making art for the sake of making art. It’s more for my mental health.

I don’t watch much TV so don’t ask what I think about the Wheel of Time TV series. Turns out we do have Prime at work so I have no excuse, other than I don’t know when I’ll get around to watching it, we’ve been busy. My plan was to try to read the series in about a year, and given we have less than 5 weeks to go and I just started book 9 it ain’t gonna happen. I have been getting the books from the library (audio books only) I’m sure if I could have physically gone into the library I could have had them all read this year, but I am really enjoying the audio books. Honestly, one of the best things about audio books was a last minute editorial choice.

In The Great Hunt, there’s a character who is a Sniffer, basically he can track violence by smell. His name is I want to say Hurin (listened, so apologies if I get a detail wrong). Now, I had a character in Witchslayer’s Scion by the name of Yorun. Now, these names don’t look similar. Say them.

Yeah, maybe naming someone similar to what someone does on the toilet was a bad idea. It’s nice because I can’t assume that someone would pronounce things like I would. (The Wheel of Time narrators for the Audiobooks are amazing) So I changed his name to Vorun. Super easy fix.

I’ll talk about adaptation later; as I did finish The Witcher Books and although I’m not waiting like crazy for Season 2 of The Witcher, I’ll probably watch it at work. Probably going to blog about Witchslayer’s Scion and do some online book tours, try to have a sense of normalcy. As said last time, please don’t ever stop loving each other, no matter how crazy the world gets.