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July’s Canadian Author and WWC Post

26 Jul

I am working on a blogpost that once again is about criticism – but I think it’s meandering a bit, so I figured I’d update. I didn’t make it to this month’s Chiseries in Winnipeg, but I picked up one of the books, The Midnight Games by author David Neill Lee. So much Cthulu mythos seems to be popular lately – not sure how everyone else but me seems to be huge fans, and I’m all like “You mean, Squidface?”



Anyhew, been working lots and this new position has seen me bouncing around and maybe tonight I’ll actually work with my crew. We had two tornadoes touch down in southern Manitoba about a week ago (Wednesday July 20) one was near Long Plain First Nation, and we were without power for about 24 hours; I have pictures of some of the trees knocked on their sides, but all in all – people were upset about not being able to use their smart phones on the base! The horror!

Fortunately my frozen strawberries we harvested a few weeks ago acted as icecubes and I lost nothing in my freezer. Been busy getting everything ready for When Words Collide – this is my second year, and I’m looking forward to pitching two very different projects, one of which will be for the first time. I’m thinking if I do get any of this middle grade or even some of the YA stuff, I’ll need a different pen name, what with the branding and all (hey – this is a lot creepier than her last book about unicorns and smiles!) my dad rants about how he hates adult entertainers entering into children films and books, and I understand from a marketing perspective that it makes sense, but I probably wouldn’t buy them because I would be surprised if the book was decent, let along good.

But I am hastily finishing up my first foray into gothic horror intermixed with steampunk – the rough has been done for months but my beta gave the last part back to me last month, and I’m deep enough in the new project that I’m able to see the real issues and make sweeping changes.

If I didn’t know what I was doing, it wouldn’t be ready in the two weeks I’ll need it by, but considering I brought five novel samples (I have more) last year and I’m bringing seven, here’s hoping that the pitches go better than they did last year. That’s not to say I didn’t get decent feedback and it was all for not, but I’m past that starry-eyed, “If only they will notice meeee!” plus last year I was zonked and with the flight delay and everything, let’s just say if I get delayed at the airport again, I’ll have what I need to at least work at something longhand or do some drawing.

So if you’re planning on being at When Words Collide – mention it here or on Facebook and we can meet up for coffee or chat before a panel or something, and all the best to you as you present your projects. We’ll probably run into one another throughout the convention. It’s big but not that big.