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I went out for Coffee and I’m the one who got Roasted

9 Jul

I just sent Titan’s Ascent to Champagne. Turns out I’ve been neglecting it for a few months and when I did my edits mostly yesterday it was mostly fine. I have a bunch of work to do for Magus’ Gambit, but my goal was to get TA sent off because after the next four days I am on VACATION.

Now, I already agreed to a trade and I’ll pick up, but I need a break. No help is coming for the healthcare system; the people in charge seem to want to run it into the ground. If you’re thinking I’m whining, we’re looking at a 25% nursing vacancy, and it used to be unheard of to have a truck out of service, and now they’re out all over. I doubt I’ll be working out of my own station, instead mandated to go everywhere. I’m mostly frustrated because I’ve helped out and gone out of my way to keep trucks in service in the past, and it seems that it was for nothing.

As for goals/blah blah blah I have been working really decently on a project I’m just going to call Puppet Masters but it will have a better title eventually. My goal is to write 1000ish words a day and get it finished (rough) for September, as well as I’d like to rewrite something else and send it to Cassie – I think by November (nanowrimo) is ambitious but I like goal setting. I’m going to hopefully kayak and oil paint and mountain bike, but I’ll be volunteering at the Bull Bash at Austin and we’ll see what happens.

As for the title, I ordered a T-shirt from The Babylon Bee and two of the baristas at the daily grind were so amused, despite probably not knowing what The Babylon Bee is, kept dropping bee puns at me. Like, took turns at the register, gave me a cube, and proceeded to come make more Bee related puns. I loved it; I used to study at The Grind when they were at the old location for University/Paramedicine so when my province decided to lock everybody down they were the business I went out of my way to support. So if you’re looking for a coffee shop in the west end of Winnipeg, give them a shot. Just don’t expect them to Beehave.

He does look a little too excited. The barista said he looked Buzzed.