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Write Here, Write Now (Oh. The. Puns)

12 Nov

So for the record – cheater over here for her nano, has officially worked towards two projects, both of which I started prior to November. Keeping track of word count is a bit of a trick, but it’s not a big deal so long as I ignore the urge to go back and start editing – then I don’t know the exact word count. New projects – well, if I decide I want to go out and take a paragraph out – I know it’s all new.

So one’s a novella, and the other is a sequel to a kids’ book. It’s mostly been the novella, because I want to get it done. The viewpoint is an intentionally unlikable character (I know, I never learn) but it’s different in first person because it’s all skewed.

So I do have a lot that I want to get done by the end of the day, which has been made possible, not only because it’s remembrance day, but because I’m fostering a dog. It’s a bit of a contentious issue in the family, as I don’t think that it was a smart move, bringing in a dog with suspected traumatic history around kids, so I took the dog but, I’ve been working nights for the past two evenings (not now, yay!) so I’m looking at really this being the first actual day spent with her. I’m really glad I took Dodger to the private obedience classes back in the spring, on account that I’m able to figure out issues before they become serious. I’m a believer that most dogs require training to get them to the level we want them to be at. I’m also a believer that there’s never an excuse for a child to get bitten. So why is this good for writing? Because it’s a lot of stay in place, quiet time while we all get used to each other. My dog Dodger has got his nose out of joint, and the foster, Shera, was guarding and trying to claim space/see what she could get away with. Dodger is also part chicken I think, so let’s just say that the potential for violence was there. I think this dog was physically abused, but I recognize that she’s already very well trained. She’s slowly starting to trust me and acknowledge I’m the leader, so yay. Hopefully my family pulls through, and we have an idea where this poor thing is going so that she can have some stability back. Dodger is great with shift work; I can’t trust her to run free in my rental for 12+ hours. I was also going to do a work out today, but looking at my tae bo, maybe kicking and punching might freak the shelter dog out. Time to break out the P90X for stuff that will keep both dogs calm (Dodger, FYI likes floor exercises. That’s when he gets a nice cold drink of water, and waits).

Ah well. I’ll update that reading challenge – totally not going to get as much as I’d thought at the beginning of the year. I kept getting books from people, as well as local books I wanted to R & R. I know I said I was going to keep with the afro-futurism challenge – I might get back on the horse in early 2016. I’m staring at another 6 books I haven’t even started yet, plus the one that’s in my locker at work. I don’t go back until Sunday Day, but I’m not back at that station until Monday night.

Ah well – enough procrastinating. I got a book review to write and I feel like I’ve barely accomplished anything – meanwhile, getting tons of editing done.