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Well, at least the Cat is Healthy

23 Mar

My poor dog has developed a bit of a honking cough. I’ve had a scratchy throat for the past few days, but just enough to annoy me from doing a really good work out. It’s been nice, these past few months working at a quieter station I’ve been able to focus on health and fitness. Less drama, as our newest member of our station will attest.

Anyway, just a quick post to high-five myself and mark the date for future reference. Just finished the A-Plot of the sequel to the book that should have come out last year. It’s around 120k at the moment, so depending on how much I can do, I can blow right past the 135k mark book 1 is at, or eradicate and utilize the idea either in a novella, or leave it in some various form of appendices. But I suppose I should get on figuring out what the plan with book 1 is. I’m terribly behind – I figured I would have the bulk of this book written in November and I’d have it finished off January, but life doesn’t work out the way I planned. Overall I’m very pleased, but I think a big part of it is the high I get because I got to play. The real work comes with revision, and believe me, this project needs revision. I also cut a ton out of it, so if I had kept to my original plan including a small novella’s worth of flashbacks and fleshing out the world, this would have been in the 200k range. Not bad for a fantasy novel, but I need to meander less, focus more.

I am probably going to take a break and do some shorts for various anthologies, and eventually get back to the B plot, but time tends to help me see the real problems I fail to acknolwedge, as well as helping me streamline unimportant things. As for other good news, my boss confirmed she’s going to give me the days off for When Words Collide. She couldn’t give me the whole tour off, so I’ll have to make some decisions as to whether or not I have time to fly or drive (it’ll be tight if I drive, but then I don’t have to rent a car!) a friend living in Moosejaw (5 hours from here, about 7 from Calgary) certainly doesn’t hurt in the driving aspect. I love flying, but road trips are fun too, you know.