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Summer Wind Up, Goals for the Rest of 2020

9 Sep

I don’t know what the weather was like where you live, but we had a beautiful summer. I miss seeing some of my friends, but I made the most out of the COVID related restrictions by enjoying the great outdoors. I’m planning on at least one more kayak trip, weather permitting, it’s supposed to warm up later this week but there was frost on my car yesterday morning after night shift, but it was warmer this morning, so my tomatoes and other veggies have a little bit more time.

I know I said I was giving myself two weeks off for a break for Rogue Healer 3, but I might continue for a bit yet. I got another round of edits back from Book 1 and my aunt finally got around to a kid’s project I sent her, so the plan is to get the Witchslayer’s Scion edits back by the end of this four days off as well as get my house in order, and use what she gave me to revise and then I can start to develop that kid’s project properly. Taxes are due at the end of this month (farming community) so after they’re done I got minor house repairs, but I have maintenance to do in the meantime. I mentioned another project to the publisher so I have to revise it, so as of right now, here’s the bottom writing half of 2020’s game plan:

  1. Get the edits back to Cassie. Try to get it so she can publish it for the end of this year, so if she wants something try to do this first.
  2. Upload those ebooks (Strawman and Garnet and Silver) As well as make a print plan for Garnet and Silver, and while I’m at it figure out the cost to print #3
  3. Edit the Mermaid Stuff. I found an editor-editor that’s not my aunt. Draw a decent map and figure out a cover.
  4. Revise Book 3, Titan’s Ascent. After talking with Cassie, she would prefer I stop creeping up the word count and try to keep my projects in and around 130k max. She’s okay with me continuing a series or doing a spin off, and I’ll be the first one to admit it never seems like I’m writing just one book when I’m doing these epics.
  5. Revise Other Project. This is probably not that bad; I mostly need to cut and possibly split the content into two.
  6. Finish Chimera. Needs. An. Ending. Once I do that, I do the percolate thing like I’m doing with Rogue Healer 3, only I am probably going to revise and rewrite because it’s been percolating all summer.
  7. Write 50k new project in November. Either new book or those two novellas. This might be related to #5.
  8. Book a review tour for Dreams of Mariposa. If we are game for end of year, book another Book Tour for Witchslayer’s Scion.

Sounds terrible but it ain’t. I got hung up on banking stuff for ebooks, and I think my formatting for ebooks isn’t terrible. And as much fun as it would be to start a ‘new book’ I might just do the novellas or use the word count on another project, and I can start clean again in January for either Book 2 Chimera or Book 4 Rogue Healer, or just focus on that other project because really, I’ve been sort of sneaking in to work on it anyway. Also, I haven’ done any oil painting it seems like all summer. This won’t stand.

Reading wise I am ahead of my goals, and it’s all thanks to Elibraries. I figured I’d be doing a lot of rereading, as I’ve been in a bookstore like twice sincethe major shut downs. I have a few print books I want to get to sitting upstairs, but I get distracted when I got a hold for an ebook or audiobook. Also, my beta reader randomly loans me different titles, so we haven’t swapped as often as we have been. If you’re ever curious why I sometimes read 50ish books other years I read 70ish books, I will politely point out that I’m currently listening to an audiobook that is only two hours long, and have been listening to an audiobook which is more than 20 hours long. I can reread The Screwtape Letters in an afternoon, or take two weeks to read a fantasy brick.

How’s your 2020 goals looking now that we’re on the back half?


Cover Reveal: Witchslayer’s Scion

3 Sep

What do you think? The first in a proposed Sword and Sorcery series, I’ll give a definitive release date when I know it.