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Cover Reveal – Dreams of Mariposa

26 Oct

Dreams of Mariposa_Final
If you’d had asked me ten years ago if my second published novel was going to be a Steampunk-Horror, I’d probably have laughed.  Me likey a lot this one; granted if you looked at all on my Pinterest Page for the images I associated for Dreams of Mariposa, it goes right into creepsville from the get go.  This one looks soft and menacing at the same time. Fits the viewpoint character.

This one’s target demographic will be quite a bit different from Tower of Obsidian as well. Don’t get me wrong – I think if you liked ToO, you know I throw curves and I’m not afraid to take risks in the writing. Dreams of Mariposa was probably one of the biggest creative challenges I’ve ever attemped, and it’s quite a bit shorter than other novels I’ve written besides the ones I’ve aimed at middle-grade readers.

What do you think of the cover? I think it’s good on the gothic horror end.