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Peak of the (Book) Market [Local? Edition]: Aurora Awards

8 Mar

It’s that time again! Publishing is a very tough industry to crack, and it’s also hard to stand out from the crowd. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but take a minute, some of the links here lead to short stories you can read online and decide for yourself (and please – don’t limit yourselves to the people I have here – the ones below are for a Manitoba focus. Don’t vote to be nice, vote because you really like the work and think others might like it too).

They’re due in I think over a week, so vote soon. I’m going to be honest: I have Too Far Gone sitting on my shelf, and I think I’m going to read it before I finish the three I have on the go because I want to know if I should vote for the author. I know I know – I read like 70 books last year and I’m at 15 thus far, but I got vacation approved for next week, so yay for down time. I will spent some of it doing watercolor painting and starting a new writing project.


Here’s some Manitoba/Area people, handy for you to vote for:

Short Fiction                                                             

Moot Corey Redekop
The Last Good Look Chadwick Ginther
The Maelstrom At The End Of The World Lindsay Kitson
When the Gods Send You Rats                              Chadwick Ginther
 Freezer Burn  Timothy Gwyn

For YA Fiction

Mabel the Mafioso Dwarf Sherry Peters

Okay, these two ain’t local – but I just read these so I think you should check them out as well:

Hawk Marie Powell
Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond Jayne Barnard

And here’s one I haven’t got to, but really want to:

The Silver Spear Clare C. Marshall

And as a fun note, for the graphic novel/other The Chronicles of Era Graphic Novel 1 was a 2014 project – but the Indigogo Campaign is still going on for Book 2. You *could* vote for Best Artist though…

And I’m gonna be honest – I have no idea how they categorize Novellas – Housetraps tend to be between 20-35 k, but if you’re humming and hawing “Is it short fiction? Is it other?” You can always try the latest of the Detective Series, Menagerie @ Trois. As for me – this is a handful of what you can check out and support. We have some great Canadian Content out there, so if you happen to think something is great, utilize social media. Leave a review. Tell someone they should give it a shot.