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Quick Update on Witchslayer’s Scion Release Date

4 Jun

I’ve been rather quiet on the subject, and it has nothing to do with work for a change. We’re going to be delayed – I know, as with Tower of Obsidian, due to editing – and I do not have a firm release date at this time. It won’t be a month or two, more like, more; will keep you updated as I know.

Now, last year I promised a new book this year – and I will deliver something, even if I self-publish. Which means me learning how to use Sygil, I guess, but I shall keep you posted. Witchslayer’s Scion is under contract which means it’s off the table, and I’ve been a wimp about the novel I was going to self-publish, so perhaps it’s time to revisit that option.

But, on the plus side, Ron and I have a table at the Highland Festival in Selkirk June 24 & 25. Never been, but looks like fun; I have a conditional day off on the 24.