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Everybody was NaNo Writing

18 Nov

Except for me!

This month has blown by, and I suddenly realize that I’m staring at year-end goals and wondering how I did and how things are going, and what all I need to do to get things in order.

The month started with me doing trades with a coworker so I was pretty exhausted by the end, then we (as in my dad) finally finished that hydroponics room. He didn’t want my help. I was honestly pretty stoked to only have to do FanQuest last weekend. There’s a ton of craft shows that will take place in the coming weeks; the only one we are at so far is at Our Lady of Perpetual Help this coming Sunday from 10-2 on Roblin in Winnipeg, so if you’re in the area swing by and say hi; I believe it’s free admission. If work allows it, I’d like to use some of my stat time to have a little more time off and hit some more shows elsewhere but I’m not going to hold my breath. I have one more shift with the current partner and she’s moving on, we’re getting some new hires on truck but I was just stoked to have full trucks in our quadrant last night.

Fitness-wise I can’t seem to shake the last of this plantar fascitis in the right foot; I am so tempted to go to a ton of massages because I know I got tight calves but, I’m almost thinking I got a pinched nerve or something because it’s just the heel. There’s a ton of things that could be causing it – I kind of ruled out fat pad atrophy, but honestly I’m just annoyed because I wasn’t able to peel off and be as active this summer. The injury to the ankle didn’t help in September. In short I’m annoyed but also to be fair I learned how to make plans for people who have limitations and injuries before, I just wasn’t anticipating making them for myself. Phooey but doable.

Now, considering I was off for the majority of September with that injury you’d think I would be all good and up to date on my editing and writing, but to that I would say: Not so much. I gave myself a loose plan to finish Puppeteers before September, then October, and now I am thinking end-of-year. I like it but I feel like the plot is getting away on me, so maybe that I’ve been neglecting it is for the best so I can go back and reign it in a little. My niece requested a duology so I’ll probably tinker a bit with book 2 while I’m working on something else in earnest before circling back. I am hoping Magus’ Gambit is going to hit my editing deadline (it’s at the editor and I feel confident, but it is a bigger novel and it’s probably not her only task) so the goal right now is to clean up as much as possible so I can start 2023 relatively fresh. There’s no possible way I could fix everything that needs to be done assuming I was given the rest of the year off to be an artist and put in 12+ hour days, because I would start another project as I ‘fixed’ one. The way I see it is that I can finish some stuff that’s lingering and that way, I’ll feel less guilty about chasing after a new idea when there’s something that needs to be done if only I’d focus on it for a few hours. A short story to be edited, a short WIP to be finished, a novel to finish and to allow to percolate, so if I do decide to work on Usurper or Chimera in January, or forge ahead with one of the ideas I have besides obviously Rogue Healer 4.

But let’s be concrete: by 2023 I want to:

Finish Rough Draft of “Puppeteers”

Send in Of Another Skin to an anthology

Finish Clay Heart (Either a short or a novella)

Self-Publish Underman Novella

Start serious rewrites of Usurper with a goal to get it to Champagne by April 2023  

Initiate Self-Publishing for 2023 Novel (Probably Derelict Knights)

I have the edits for Of Another Skin beside me; I am probably going to get it done today and send it in later; the rest will need my attention and with the exception of completely rewriting Usurper, it’s all possible and so I can make more concrete plans in a month.

I’ll also blog about some popular media and whatnot, and see how I do around this time next month and start setting 2023 goals. In the meantime, take care and I hope your 2022 has been better than 2020 and 2021.