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September Canadian Author Round Up / Writing Plans and NANOWRIMO

3 Oct

I know I should have finished Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood – after months of whining about no ereader (broken, now fixed) I have left it behind at my parent’s house. And after all that “I’m not doing any overtime” I basically was involved with work in some way every day off (I should be at work today, but I worked last night).

Anyway – here’s a list of the Canadian I read in September

Scandal and Secrets by Christopher Hoare

I’ll also throw out The Tattooed Witch by Susan MacGregor finished end of September and I just finished The Queen’s Game on the First of October, on account that I don’t think I talked about those books yet, and I’m currently reading two books by Canadian authors now.

As for where I am writing-wise – well, I haven’t gotten that steampunk horror novel sent off yet, so the plan is to do that before Nano. My plan was before October, but not there yet. Checked to see how the other various submissions are going. The other plan is to write two short stories for an anthology and ask Ron which one he likes better and send them out. Get this kid’s book finished before NANO (or at least mostly done – I’m not above finishing it later)and I’m thinking that I would like to try a space opera this time around. This might change a dozen times before that; if I manage to get everything done my next plan is to get back to editing that Cyberpunk novel I wrote five (5!) years ago. I was really editing it, and then I felt like it just wasn’t good enough, so I figured let it percolate and get back to it. And hey, it’s set on Mars, and now that I think we’re officially going to colonize and everything, it’ll at least by timely if and when the book ever finds a home.

Anyhew, gorgeous weather where I am, and now that I have a nice thing of tea besides me, I suppose it’s time to get started on that first short story.