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Dreams of Mariposa Review Tour, Keycon, WSS News

16 May

Starting May 31, Dreams of Mariposa will be featured on a blog tour. You can check out the dates here and enter to win the gift card. As always, I do not care what online book seller you want (Kindle, Kobo, B&N). I like the option for Kobo because you can use them at Indigo/Chapters stores, but I also acknowledge the behemoth that is Amazon.

Keycon, Winnipeg’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, is taking place virtually this coming weekend. I am on three panels. You can see the full list of programming here. You need to click on the dates; the first one is suggestions and no one took much interest in my panel on Stupid Sexy Smeagol, so I’ll probably just blog about why Tolkien doesn’t need sex scenes later.

I am lined up for:

Saturday 3 PM: Genre vs. Setting

Sunday 1 PM: Working with an Editor

Sunday 330: How to Write a Zinger

All times are CST. Events are free, you just need to register. When Words Collide did something similar last year, but the problem with it being a free-for-all is you do not need people with… let’s just say malicious intent wrecking it for everyone. If this goes well, I think I’ll volunteer for panels at WWC, but timing has to work out.

Speaking of Timing: When it rains, it pours. I finally got the final working PDF back for Witchslayer’s Scion, so I have gally edits to do. My sister is looking over the final edits on The Mermaid and the Unicorns and I think I’m going to redraw that map. I’d love to say that I have had plenty of time, what with the lockdowns and what not, but if anything I have been busier than usual. I’m in healthcare, I am also going to be ordering some stock of Dreams of Mariposa now that it is in print, so if you want me to sign a copy contact and we’ll go, or skip the middle man and order right from Champagne’s website. I don’t want to commit to a time of publishing for Witchslayer’s Scion just because it has taken so long, but hopefully end of June. The formatting didn’t have it as long as I worried, so once I get the finals back I will book another book tour (and probably a review tour) that’ll probably take place sometime in the summer. I would also love to commit to saying if we’re going to be doing any in-person events, but Manitoba is doing a hard shut down until at least June. Stay safe, love each other in the meantime.