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Back at Work

1 Aug

This is just a quick update based on what I proposed my goals were on the previous post, vs. How Much I actually got Done

If you’ve been paying attention to FB you know I have been kayaking/floating on a tube in the Pinawa Channel, but let’s just say while I’ve been working, I haven’t been that accomplished. The good news, is that I am watching my sister’s dogs while her family is off, so I will not be philandering too far this coming week.

Let’s compare How Much I Planned vs. How Much I Did

Finish Hard Edits Titan’s Ascent:

HAHAHAHA  I am around half. I like what I changed though; I cut out an entire major plot so it’s not like I could just cut and it’ll be fine. The flow would be weird, but as said in another entry I feel like I have a decent leg up on another project.

Finish Rough Drafts Two Shorts

See above. Only I didn’t touch them. I have a new idea for a short or a few novellas, so my plan is to do one a week for the rest of the summer.

Redo Map

This, I actually attempted. Still not done; will probably on my patio watching dogs.

Author Pic


Book Online Tour for Witchslayer’s Scion

Will do, after new pic. I can probably do the pic tomorrow during my 12 hours off. I’m currently on the back half of my 24 where I transition to nights. I had to fix my dryer, and I need a nap. Apparently August long is the busiest weekend for MVC’s, but I have had all medical calls. Busy busy.

I am still waiting on my Dreams of Mariposa stock. I ordered it over a month ago but COVID slows everything down. It’ll be here soon, I’m certain. After it shows up, I upload Garnet and Silver, and then order those after I design a spine/back for a print version of same. My aunt has The Mermaid Book, she is on vacation in a week and I suspect she’ll give it back to me after she’s done her stint at her cottage rental. She may be done now, but I ain’t going to bother until I do the map.  I am still in contact with the artist who did the cover, and she’s agreed to design the spine/back.

So all and all, not really a success in any of the above but a step in the right direction. I wrote a rough for a blog about editing and how I do it, so my plan is to edit and post that. I’m also making it a solid effort to read most of the Aurora Award Nominees – I have read the shorts/novellas, probably gonna skip best associated work just because of time – and I have basically until September 4 to get my votes in. I think that’s only like 7 more novels to go, but summer is busy so it depends on how busy it is. None of these are giant doorstoppers, so it’s doable.