No Broke and Bookish Post this week

7 May

Maybe I’m not light and fluffy enough, heh. Can’t think of anything fun besides Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett – don’t get me wrong, I love my humor, so this should be easy, but I can’t do it. Part of this is my kobo is down, part of this is because fluffy-lovekins just chewed through my laptop cord. Emotional outbursts have no place in training a dog, so that’s why I’m venting here; all my RL peeps are at work and will just laugh at me later anyway.


So three of us from the Worlds of Imagination have new books out this month – and R.J.’s latest novel, The Queen’s Pawn, just went into print. Okay, mine’s more of a short story but you tell me how many markets will take a 10kish story. Most tap out around 7k and I’m still yet to get good at that length.

The Pact by Graeme Brown

Her Teddy Bare by Rita Bay

The Queen’s Pawn by R.J. Hore

The Twelve Dancing Priestesses by L.T. Getty


I’m also doing another giveaway on Mother.Gamer.Writer – I’m featured Indie Writer for the time being, go enter; I’m cool with wherever you want a book GC so long as they accept online payment and you tell me where in the world you come from before I send you the Canadian denomination you can’t use (this happened in April, lol). I’m also querying a bunch of book tour services – I didn’t get as many reviews as I had hoped for last time, so if anyone can make any suggestions, Tower of Obsidian is Historical Fantasy, but I’d like to find a place where I can work with the same people for every other release. True, I have to maybe send out that last novel I’ve been working on and get a contract before I worry about marketing it, but still…


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