Oct WIP Day 4

5 Oct

A Line that Expresses your Theme


I couldn’t do it in a line. Here’s a small snippet of dialogue, which will be rewritten about a dozen times if not cut altogether.


“I don’t care about fancy palaces and jewels if this is what it costs you,” Iona said. “Don’t you see? This is another cross-road. We can leave – you and I, right now. We can escape to some place where Lecancia and the others will never find us. They care about castles and kings – why would they bother us anymore?”

“You don’t understand,” Radij said. “If I betray Lecancia, she will take what power I have away. She might kill me, or she might leave me for someone else.”

“There has to be a way – those northerners. They kill mages, don’t they?”

“Lesser acolytes.”


She said the archmage’s name as if that was all the proof she needed. “Yorun had taxed himself fighting other mages, Iona. The vermin exploited him in a moment of weakness, nothing more.”


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