2019 Round Up, 2020 Goals and All That

6 Jan

Wow, totally much, much later than anticipated. The short of it is, besides work, just before Christmas a family member hurt herself and I’ve kind of been available, but mostly I will be more available for that during my January vacation. Not going to say what or who, only that it’s not serious, they just need a bit of help and they’ll be right as rain in a few weeks.

Looking back at my goals at the beginning of last year was to have the sequel to Witchslayer’s Scion, Magus’ Gambit, off to the editor by the end of that vacation. Yeah, so totally didn’t happen and not even the ‘next’ round of vacations (going to Clear Lake for a few days during my birthday week, and I had a tour off in July. I think I sent it off in September. Go figure) . Also the plan was to finish the rough of Chimera, also not accomplished a year later.

I don’t care so much because 2019 was a good and busy year all around. I snuck away to Hawaii for a week for a steal of a deal, and then didn’t get as much writing/editing because I had to hang out at my parent’s house due to a car issue and, quite frankly, I know more people in Winnipeg than Southport but the weather was cold so I wasn’t going out too far.

Personal goals in the last month was to put out a few shorts via ebooks. Let’s say I think I’m good, but I’m still learning how to deal with the bunk code. Feeling confident I can probably figure this out in the next few weeks, but we’ll see what transpires over the January break.

We could have launched my next novel, Dreams of Mariposa, in December but I said let’s get a book blog tour orchestrated and not to rush a good thing. You’ll hear more about that from me in another post.

So right now writing wise, I have goals that include getting the code for ebooks right, as well as finishing Chimera and trying to get most of a rewrite on an earlier book done, as well get Rogue Healer 3 mostly drafted. Also, now that I have this beautiful house I’ve dedicated a room as an art studio, so while I’ve barely touched my oil paints but I’m gonna be on it. I know, it’s a lot of different creative stuff in different areas, but I don’t care much. I used to be a decent painter, but don’t expect much from me at the time. Painting in the winter makes your house kinda smelly, so while I might play around with inking and water colors, oils are my jam and I’ll probably get back into it serious when I can do it outside.

Aside from that, my goals are financial and fitness. I’ve been pretty good at sticking to my fitness routines but this reoccurring inflammation and injury has gotten me down for longer than I’d like. I know everyone and their dog go to the gym for January, but the difference between me and them is now I’m not as far and don’t have the albatross of student debt around my neck and have the house, so now I can work out and do on call from home. The financial goals mostly are longer term, I won’t bore you but things are finally looking up.

Honestly, it’s been a long haul, and I keep seeing posts of locals who are off to Australia to fight bush fires. I keep getting tempted, but I have zero bush fire fighting experience and never get picked for it anyway. Harsh learning curve when there’s a disaster of epic proportions that always seem to happen. Should probably commit to volunteer local before I fly half ways around the world, eep.


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