Cover Reveal: The Mermaid and The Unicorns

6 Apr

If you follow me at all on FB you might have noticed me post something about this, but here it is with proper title and everything. I’m hiring the artist to do the back blurb and spine, I’m a bit nervous because it’s almost half the size compared to ToO or WSS, but I think it’s cool to see how someone who knows what they’re doing do it.

I was looking at premade covers honestly looking for inspiration for Novellas. Lots of premade covers are beautiful, but they often don’t work for a given project. I saw this one and immediately got YA vibes. I consider the title to be older MG, but, there’s something about being 12 and how you can’t wait until you’re an adult and mature at 16.

I originally wanted to goof around and do some of the art myself, and there’s still that. Know how I used to kvetch I suck at inking? I don’t suck so much anymore. I have been practicing my map making for a few years, so I’ll post about ‘Doing it yourself’ vs. Hiring out another time.

When will it be out? I dunno; the editor I hired is putting some finishing touches on formatting and I have to code. And grow a backbone.



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